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What is La Ghigliottina?

Some people who work on the business side of our brand HATE that we call La Ghigliottina a "project". They also hate that She (feminine) is an Independent, Ethical, and absolutely D.I.Y.. Ethical because philosophy has washed our brains (for better or for worse), because we produce in Italy and because we do not lean towards any economic truth that supports rubbish. Our bank is Ethical, too! Many times it lets us overdraft without a penalty.

"If God wishes to give us a sign of his existence, he can do so by dropping a large sum of money in our bank account!"

La Ghigliottina
c/o: Banca Etica
C/C number: 118062
IBAN: IT02X050181210100000118062


Is it true that La Ghigliottina is also an agency for events and communication?

Not 100% true. Let's just say that some of us have given life to a company called "New Event" that organizes various projects in a number of different fields. See here.


Where can I find La Ghigliottina products?

Beautiful question. The distribution is improving with time, however the reperibility of the products is not really easy... take it as a challenge! In summer 2006 we distributed to nearly 100 points of sale in Italy. We also have some points of sale in Europe, but we aren't sure if they have already finished what they ordered or not.



My board-shop, art-shop or music-shop does'n have your products, what should I do?

The best thing would be that YOU propose to your shop to buy our products. However, if you are in a zone where we haven't arrived yet, you have every right to order the products directly by mailing us. But before proceeding remember that it isn't possible to order the products directly from us if there is already an authorized store in your city (support your local scene!)


I'd like to have the team of La Ghigliottina at my skatepark or my event, what should I do?

Just contact us and we will do our best.

I do not have a skatepark, I do not make events, but I think that my city has a couple of good spots!

If there are new spots in your city let us know, maybe in the next tour we'll be guests at your house! Are you over 18? Is your (female) cousin at home?

I'd like to book (or to listen to some tracks of) a band of La Ghigliottina, what should I do?

Find their MySpace and contact them directly.

I'd like to make an exposition of the artists of La Ghigliottina in my city (or my art gallery or my tavern), what should I do?

This is what we most have at heart! The project was born from us artists. You must know that we move exclusively (or nearly) together. We do not expose in any place that uses art as an excuse to sell coffee machines. We need a detailed program, and you will be responsible for anything not going as planned. Know, dulcis in fundo, that we would be very happy to bring our art (and that of our friends) to you.


I would like to be sponsored by La Ghigliottina, what should I do?

You should come to one of our events and ask us with arrogance!


I am a business man, rich, and uscrupolous. I'd like to make La Ghigliottina's business to grow exponentially, what should I do?

Are you sure? Do you REALLY want to? Then start preparing a beautiful dinner, and when we arrive to vintage wines we will be able to talk outside the boxing ring.

I am a representative who has other brands and I'd like to add La Ghigliottina belts to my collection of samples/show room, what should I do?

Send us two lines with your C.V by mail. If your zone is free and our products are integrable with yours (in ethical and artistic sense) then that's okay. Just know that being a brand mainly of belts, we do not really care about the competition -- well, we have to care less ;)