"Double F & Stupid Life" - The Movie
Kingpin Magazine: YO... that was amazing... cyber high five.
6am magazine: ...the video that more it has made to speak in the course about the
past year 2007...
...the video is to watch, appreciate and support,
because with zero means and much passion can be made
a whole lot of things, comprised a video with a team that has little rivals in Italy and Europe.
Ok this way, Gabbiano!

Donwload the full movie (length: approx. 50 min.)


"Double F & Stupid Life"/ the trailer
Filmed & edited in drunk hours...wait for full video!
Skaters: La Ghigliottina° pro team, new legs team + friends.
a work by: Giovanni Marzari, Lapo Zanuso, Zombie's video, Fulvio@O.v.e skate mag,
Federico Faccioli.
Music: Renato Carosone.
see the video ( Quicktime Plug-in required )


viva La Ghiglio! (another "Double F & Stupid Life" promo) !
This skate video is another trailer for "Double F & Stupid Life".
100 bands play with us...thanks punkadeka!
"See ya later, fuckface. See ya later, fuckface. See you in the funny pages - fuck you!
See ya later, fuckface. We hate you"


"Stupid commercial for Volume video n.3"
Filmed & edited in just few hours.
Skaters: Fede, Potter, Andrew, (Elwood).
a work by: Mauro Peduto@biondistribution, Pietro Calzavara, Federico Faccioli.
Music: The fine before you came.
(DSL | 56K) Quicktime Plug-in required

(past events+A.i.D.S ADS)
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LaGhigliottina vs. Strange Skateboards
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LaGhigliottina Video Tour 2007
                   - Double F & Stupid Life
Matteo Dinisio vs. Federico Faccioli
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Artist Wasted Time
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Ma Babbo Natale esiste?
LaGhigliottina vs. Slam Jam

LaGhigliottina on tour!

Special:"2003 days on fucking tournée"
click here to see the photo of the tour courtesy of 6AM skateboarding Magazine.

Il vero sportivo beve birra!
La Ghigliottina Grab Magazine Ad
Hey, Ho, Let's Go!
LaGhigliottina AD for skatemap!
StarT Wars - the new Movie!
Il Diavolo veste Ghigliottina
Giorgio Zattoni
Gianluca Mariani
La Birra Moretti
Home sweet home

Home sweet home


Home sweet home